Every year, 150 million trees are logged to make Viscose/ Rayon fabrics for the Fashion & Textile industry. Only 3% of Vancouver Islands old grown rainforest remains. These globally rare forests are carbon rich and provide a healthy ecosystem for plants and wildlife. Gundula Couture is committed to keeping forests standing and will be donating 5% of the 2020 collections sales to the Sierra Club. At Gundula Couture we want to join the effort to protect the old growth rain forests and use sustainable materials that are better for the environment. The Sierra Clubs initiative it to keep carbon stored in old growth forests to protect against climate impacts including future pandemics and transition to sustainable second growth forestry logging. This will also strengthen the First Nations governance and community well being and provide the healthy ecosystem we desperately need. Please join me in the effort to a greener and more sustainable future and to save BC’a Old Growth Rainforests! Contact for more details on how to donate directly or donate through purchasing your couture look.

The Sierra club is an amazing organization set up to defend our natural ecosystem. Gundula Couture is proud to join the effort to a greener future. Please click below to view the Sierra Club BC website for more information.

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