An image of Gundula Hirn, Fashion Designer, Nanaimo, BC Canada

From a young age Gundula realized she had a penchant and natural-born talent for fashion design. As the years passed, her passion grew and her skills evolved. In her mid-teens she had the opportunity to take garment construction as a credited course and quickly came to understand the fundamentals of fashion design.  By the time she graduated high school she was sketching and creating her own designs. 

Her high school prom dress drew much admiration from family and friends and when asked where she had purchased it from, she replied, “I just pictured it in my mind and sewed it myself!” From that moment on her loved ones knew that Gundula had a very bright future in fashion design. 

After graduating high school, Gundula travelled extensively throughout Canada and Fiji. Wherever her travels took her she made the most of the opportunity, exploring local fashion trends, fabrics, techniques and design. After careful consideration, Gundula made the decision to enrol in the Fashion Design program at the Visual College of Art and Design of Vancouver (VCAD). Upon submitting her entrance portfolio, she received a VCAD scholarship and was on her way! 

Gundula found that the program challenged her to learn new skills and think outside the box. She met each new challenge head-on with enthusiasm and determination. Choosing Wedding Wear as the theme for her graduation collection she worked tirelessly, holding down two jobs while attending school, often working into the wee hours of the morning perfecting her designs, and continuing to hone her skills. Her determination never waivered, her end goal would be met. 

Gundula is grateful to all who have mentored and supported her throughout her fashion design journey. Her dream has now become reality, and she invites you to peruse her newest collections. Please feel free to reach out and connect with her should you wish to arrange for a personal fitting or to discuss a custom creation.