The Vancouver Fashion Festival #VIFFS19 Was Inspirational!

June 19th 2019

This is David Chen’s fifth Vancouver Fashion Festival (IPOP Canada) and his first at The Vancouver Club. An iconic setting, wonderful catering and welcome, cocktail party and meet and greet, gave us all a chance to take photos, go behind the scene to watch the set up, and be entertained by Junko Shimizu’s beautiful voice, accompanied by David’s daughter, Sofy Chen, on piano. David always participates in his shows, this time wearing costumes by Yayoi Hirano, in fact Yayoi Hirano, Eri MacGregor and Fumiko Horan collaborated on a whole collection entitled Japanese Kimono, which included Kimono, Masks, Costume and performance. Floral headpieces and floral accessories, a spectacular runway vision as well as a demonstration of the construction of a headpiece, all by Hikaru Seino Canon. This was a Fashion and Art event that was an excellent mix of cultures and a true celebration of the work of established and emerging designers. What a treat to see fashions by VCAD (Visual College of Art and Design) Vendredi by Emily Shaninzadeh, Lantern Collection by Noushin Sahebnassagh, Genita Mujar, Dvita by Jade Walker and Gundula Hirn. Also loved the colourful designs for Fashion Voice by Ozioma Ajibe.

This event was well attended (full house) and I was pleased to see so many Vancouver Fashion writers, Photographers, (Mando Nakamura is pictured here) and Fashion Design Program supporters, bringing their voices and sharing on Social Media, to tell others to put this event on their calendars. Ivan Sayers, well known Fashion Historian and Collector was in the house and was photographed by visiting Photographer from L.A., Arezoo Jalali. Since David’s event supports new talent and achievement, it was lovely to meet Face of Beauty International, Arshan Masjoudi, and hear about her success, despite many challenges.
I really enjoy wearing clothing and accessories by local Designers and for Vancouver Fashion Festival, I wore a wrap by Wendy Van Riesen of Dahlia Drive, featuring the Raven by Reg Davidson. One of the best experiences through the Vancouver Fashion Festival is to be an active participant and everyone is very welcome to do this. Thank you David Chen, founder and producer! Always such a pleasure! Thanks once again to Dianna Drahanchuk for her company and her photographs!

Writing by Colleen Tsoukalas and photos by Dianna Drahanchuk

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