MINCERO Covers Gundula Couture in their written work!


October 11th 2019

Gundula Couture showcased Wedding Wear, a multi-faceted collection that combines countless outfits into one through the addition and subtraction of various layers. From wedding gown to reception dress, Gundula Couture showcased wedding wear that can transition throughout the night, giving multiple lives to a single outfit. Creating a unique spin on traditional looks, the collection challenged the idea of what a wedding is expected to be. Layering sexy corsets under chic blazers provoked the tension of opposites, while sequinned corsets, shimmering pink veils and an unexpected wedding pantsuit all held their own space on the runway. Gundula Couture is designed to be converted and customized, meticulously crafting a collection that can be molded into anything a situation demands, as quickly and easily as untying a knot.”